TST specializes in etch equipment. 

We normally have the below-referenced systems in stock; all systems will be refurbished and configured per customer requirements*. Please call for a quote on your required configuration.


  • TCP 9600se
  • TCP 9600se II
  • Rainbow 4420
  • Rainbow4520
  • Rainbow 4520 ESC
  • Rainbow 4520i
  • TCP 9400se
  • Rainbow 4720
  • Alliance A4 Transport
  • Alliance A6 Transport
  • Alliance A4 9400se
  • Alliance A4 9600se
  • Alliance A6 4520 ESC
  • Alliance A6 Exelan HP
  • Alliance A6 4720xl
  • Alliance A6 4420xl
  • Alliance A6 9100 TCP
  • AutoEtch 490




* A valid software license may be required in order for the system to function; it is the responsibility of the customer to apply for and obtain any and all necessary software licenses.

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